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Plant bioactives and their impact on psychological and cardiometabolic health

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Recent technological advances in food and human nutrition sciences have provided a stable platform for the development of new ingredients and functional foods that can assist in the management of several psychological and cardiometabolic health issues. Additionally, adherence to traditional dietary patterns such as the Mediterranean or Japanese diet and reduced consumption of ultra-processed foods have been proposed as fundamental concepts in the management of these two important disease categories. Numerous studies of various designs (e.g., in vitro, in vivo, clinical trials and observational studies) have also supported and, in some cases, challenged the mechanisms of action of plant bioactives, foods and some dietary patterns.

Therefore, the aim of this Special Issue “Plant bioactives and their impact on psychological and cardiometabolic health” is to gather innovative, current and high-quality research manuscripts (letters to the editor, original research articles, protocols, narratives, and systematic literature reviews) exploring the effects of plant bioactive constituents, foods and dietary patterns that may impact psychological and cardiometabolic health. Submission of manuscripts that relate to new conceptual ideas and mechanisms of action as well as clinical and observational studies is strongly encouraged.

Priority will be given with the same high standards of peer review and publication process for these articles. All publications will open free access to all readers. We guarantee that all accepted papers related to Psychological and Cardiometabolic Health will be highlighted in a special section on our website.

Publication date: An article will be published online as soon as it is accepted.

Guest Editor

Nenad Naumovski

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Dr. Nenad Naumovski is a Food Scientist and Molecular Nutritionist and works at the University of Canberra (ACT, Australia) as an Associate Professor in Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Important Dates

Submission open date: April 14, 2022

Submission deadline: December 31, 2022