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Publish with ERHM in the Young Scientists Section for Senior Undergraduates to Win a Scholarship

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We are glad to introduce you a new program launched by Exploratory Research and Hypothesis in Medicine (ERHM).


ERHM is one of a series of journals focusing on exploratory research and hypothesis. It is believed that sharing exploratory and novel research results, as well as innovative and enlightened ideas on specific topics in form of official publication is very important, as this not only incites more extensive and fruitful research on these topics, but also engraves a historical hallmark in the journal. The scope of ERHM covers topics of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic modalities as well as insightful theories related to the practice of medicine. Please click here to find more journal information.


To motivate potential young scientists to embark on an exciting journey towards scientific research, and identify talented young researchers and recognize their work, ERHM will launch a young scientist scholarship program from 2019 and set a special section (called Young Scientists Section) to accommodate outstanding publications from senior undergraduate young scientist. Through this program, it is hoped that we will gain many novel and inspiring ideas from young scientists, which are in line with the mission and scope of ERHM. Young scientists whose papers are accepted for publication in ERHM are eligible to compete to win a scholarship.


Who will be eligible for the program?

Senior undergraduate students majored in medicine related research.


How to participate in the program?

1. Submission. All scientists/professors/researchers who find this Call for Papers information are invited to recommend the best research paper from your final-year undergraduate students for publication in ERHM, and/or encourage the interested young students to submit papers, according to the Instructions for Authors. Submissions for the Young Scientists Section should be received by June, 30, 2019 to be eligible to be chosen to win a scholarship in 2019.

2. Peer review. Submissions to Young Scientists Section (state in the Cover Letter) will go through the same rigorous peer review. Only papers that meet publication criteria of ERHM will be accepted.

3. Acceptance. Once a paper is accepted, a congratulation letter will be sent to the student author as well as his/her supervisor. The news of acceptance will be posted at our publishers website.

4. Award. In December of each year (starting from 2019), the first author of the best published paper from young scientist program will be awarded a scholarship. The decision will be made by the committee consisting of editorial board members.

5. Reimbursement. The amount of scholarship is USD 500. This amount will be used to reimburse any expense related to research work (e.g. academic conference, workshop, seminar, etc.) of the recipient.


ERHM is an open access journal with a fast process in the editorial response, peer review, and publication. As a benefit of this program, all papers accepted for publication in ERHM will not be charged for any fees.


ERHM has a unique section. Apart from the standard structure for original articles (i.e. IMRD format) or review articles, an additional section named Future Directions/Prospective is required for each article. In addition, a Hypothesis paragraph accompanied by a graph that illustrates the exploratory research or hypothesis is highly preferred. Moreover, ERHM publishes original articles with non-confirmatory or negative data that are generated from appropriate methods and materials, and refute a proposed hypothesis or challenge a currently accepted hypothesis.


Moreover, if you (as the supervisor and a well-known scholar) are interested in contributing a research article or critical review on any topic within the scope of ERHM, it would be warmly welcome. If accepted for publication, these papers will be assigned to appropriate categories other than the Young Scientists Section”.


If you and your students are interested in this program, please make a registration by filling the short form here and send it to [email protected].


Submit a manuscript, please visit the Publine system at: https://www.publinexh.com/


Editorial Office,

Young Scientist Program Committee

Exploratory Research and Hypothesis in Medicine

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.xiahepublishing.com

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