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Time: February 2, 2024

Exploratory Research and Hypothesis in Medicine


Most Cited Article Award 2023 (Published in 2021~2022)


This is awarded to authors of the most cited papers published in Exploratory Research and Hypothesis in Medicine. Citations of papers are based on Google Scholar.


Congratulations to:


Igor Nesteruk*

For the paper

Influence of Possible Natural and Artificial Collective Immunity on New COVID-19 Pandemic Waves in Ukraine and Israel


Chengyou Jia, Qiang Wang, Xinhuang Yao, Jianshe Yang*

For the paper

The Role of DNA Damage Induced by Low/High Dose Ionizing Radiation in Cell Carcinogenesis


Vincent Marcucci* and Jeremy Kleiman

For the paper

Biomarkers and Their Implications in Alzheimer’s Disease: A Literature Review


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