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Editorial for Cancer Screening and Prevention

  • Barry Marshall* 
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Cancer Screening and Prevention   2023;2(1):1-1

doi: 10.14218/CSP.2023.00000


Cancer Screening and Prevention (CSP) is a cutting-edge research platform for scholars and physicians worldwide to study and communicate. CSP aims to study the screening and prevention of various cancers, focusing on the epidemiology of cancers, early detection of cancer, novel discoveries of biomarkers, precision cancer screening and prevention, and so on. At this moment, it is very helpful for scholars and experts to present high-quality research and papers to the public and inject strength into Chinese cancer research.

In the late 20th century, the importance of gastric bacterium Helicobacter pylori, a gastric cancer-causing bacterium, was internationally recognized. I have conducted in-depth research in this field, with the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine given to Dr. Warren and myself. H. pylori is a causative bacterium of gastric cancer and survives in the gastric environment in more than 50% of the world’s population. The presence of H. pylori in the vicinity of the stomach promotes the development of various diseases, including peptic ulcers and gastric cancer. In general, the consequence of long-term infection with H. pylori is usually asymptomatic gastritis. However, some infected people will also develop peptic ulcer disease or gastric adenocarcinoma. Therefore, it is essential to develop more research in this field. CSP is of great help to the research of gastric cancer and H. pylori. We welcome all experts and scholars to communicate, research and contribute.

CSP is published by Xia & He Publishing Inc. (XHP) led by Prof. Zhaoshen Li. I have known Professor Xia of XHP for more than 25 years, and Prof. Li has made many advances in gastrointestinal cancer screening. I believe that CSP will provide a stage for experts and scholars in the field of cancer and gastric cancer to showcase their new research and learning.

I would like to congratulate the launch of CSP, and I am very excited that researchers will bring new studies in the field of cancer to people worldwide through this journal.


Barry Marshall

March 2023



Cancer Screening and Prevention

H. pylori

Helicobacter pylori

  • Cancer Screening and Prevention
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Editorial for Cancer Screening and Prevention

Barry Marshall
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