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Chinese American Pathologists Association (CAPA)
About the journal
Aims and Scope

Journal of Clinical and Translational Pathology (JCTP) is the official scientific journal of the Chinese American Pathologists Association (CAPA). It publishes high quality peer-reviewed original research, reviews, perspectives, commentaries, and letters that are pertinent to clinical and translational pathology, including but not limited to anatomic pathology and clinical pathology. Basic scientific research on pathogenesis of diseases as well as application of pathology-related diagnostic techniques or methodologies also fit the scope of the JCTP.

Open Access

Journal of Clinical and Translational Pathology (JCTP) adopts open access publishing model, and all articles are distributed under the terms of the CC BY-NC 4.0 license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/). Under this license, anyone may copy, distribute, or reuse these articles for non-commercial purposes, provided the original work is properly cited. Manuscripts submitted for publication in an open access journal are subject to the same rigorous peer-review and quality control as in scholarly subscription journals.

JCTP recognizes the distinct advantages of using an open access publication model to timely disseminate innovative and important research findings. Unrestricted free access to our publications is anticipated to foster intellectual discourse across geographic and disciplinary boundaries. To support the success of our open access approach, we ensure the integrity and high quality of research published in our journal by practicing a rigorous peer review process and by following strict guidelines for ethics in publication and in conduct of the scientific process.

Publication Criteria

All manuscripts submitted to JCTP must meet the following criteria for publication:

  • Topics with timely relevance to the general field or specialties in basic and clinical medicine;
  • Results and findings that have not been previously published elsewhere;
  • Research performed with adherence to accepted global standards for ethics in the scientific process;
  • Ethical reporting of data to protect the rights and privacy of study participants;
  • Appropriate statistical analyses, with sufficient descriptions of all statistical methods used;
  • Conclusions supported by the data presented;
  • All funding sources and their roles cited;
  • For clinical trials, the registration number cited;
  • Manuscript written in standard American (US) English and formatted according to the journal-specific guidelines;
  • No instances of textual plagiarism, including ‘text recycling/self-plagiarism”.
Publishing Schedule
JCTP currently publishes 4 issues a year, in January, April, July and October.
Revenue Sources
JCTP adopts the open access publishing model. Revenues are generated from article processing charges, permission fees, and reprints.
Journal Metrics
JCTP Metrics (2023)
Acceptance rate: 38.7% 
Median time from submission to first decision: 20 days 
Median time from acceptance to online publishing: 15 days

JCTP is co-owned by Xia & He Publishing Inc. and CAPA, and JCTP is the official journal of CAPA. The Chinese American Pathologists Association (CAPA), formerly Hua Tuo Society of Pathology (HTSP), Inc., is a non-for-profit organization of the Chinese American pathologists in the United States and Canada who are either in practicing or in training. Since its establishment in 2004, with the continuous and collective efforts from its members, CAPA has developed as a national and internationally recognized pathologist organization with over 700 members today. CAPA serves its members and non-CAPA member pathologists with a primary mission of providing educational opportunities, improving professional skills, enhancing communication and promoting collaboration between CAPA and other pathology organizations.

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