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Special Features
Lipids and Inflammation in Health and Disease: Focus on Molecular Genetics
June 6, 2023
Keywords: anti-inflammatory action;; apoCIII; atherosclerosis; cholesterol; cholesteryl esters; diagnostics; disease; dysfunctional HDL; genome; HDL; high-density lipoprotein; inflammation; LDL; lipid-containing particles; low-density lipoprotein; Lp(a); metabolism; modified LDL; molecular genetics; mutations; native LDL; pathology; PCSK9; reserve cholesterol transport; therapy; transciptome; transport; triglycerides; This Special Issue will cover lipids in their broadest sense, including different classes and types of lipids and lipid-containing particles, triglycerides, Lp(a), PCSK9, and apoCIII as well as the metabolism of lipids in cells and tissues, lipid transport, etc. Review and research articles as well as methodology papers that summarize and investigate the roles of lipids in various physiological processes, pathologies and diseases are welcome.
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