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Why Publish in XHP
Rigorous Peer Review
Xia & He journals uphold rigorous standards for quality. Every article we publish undergoes strict peer review.

When the editorial office receives a new submission, the manuscript is given an identification number. The editorial staff then conducts an initial assessment of the manuscript to determine its topical relevance, adherence to the formatting guidelines, and absence of plagiarism in both textual and scientific content.

If the manuscript passes this initial assessment, it is forwarded to an academic editor with appropriate expertise in the subject area or study design. The academic editor is responsible for identifying at least 2 external peer reviewers with expertise in the topic or specialty of the paper. After a peer reviewer has accepted the manuscript, 15 days (with a short grace period allowed for extenuating circumstances) is allotted for completion of the peer review evaluation. Upon return of the 2 peer reviews, the academic editor will make a reasoned recommendation for acceptance (full, with minor revisions, or with major revisions) or rejection and provide it to the Editor-in-Chief who makes the editorial decision. The authors then revise the paper, as needed, based on the reviewers’ comments and editorial comments.

After the authors submit their revision, the manuscript undergoes another peer-review, or it will be sent to the Editor-in-Chief for a final decision, if appropriate. If the paper is accepted, the preparation stage for publication then begins.


Benefits of Open Access

With open access, more people can read the findings of scholarly research, regardless of economic capability;

Researchers can read the findings of others with no barrier. This encourages further studies, or even interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research endeavors;

Open access enables unrestricted and wider reuse, so recent knowledge can be put to immediate use in teaching all over the world.


Faster Publication Online

Xia & He journals provide rapid but thorough peer review process for manuscripts under consideration for publication. Usually, decisions are made within one month of manuscript submission. Articles accepted by Xia & He journals can be online in about 10 business days in the final PDF and XML formats. Fast publication ensures that your manuscript will be accessible to readers as quickly as possible.


Article Download/Read/Citation Statistics

Authors have access to the statistical data regarding the online hits on their articles and the number of times their articles are downloaded. Authors also receive notification each year for the citation status of their articles.


Feature of Hypothesis

Sharing exploratory and novel research results, as well as innovative and enlightened ideas or hypothesis on specific topics in form of official publication is very important. More extensive and fruitful research in encouraged on these topics, but also engraves a historical hallmark in the journal. To this end, Xia & He Publishing established the following journals that represent historical vanguards for exploratory research and hypotheses: Exploratory Research and Hypothesis in Medicine and Journal of Exploratory Research in Pharmacology.


Negative Results

In addition to original research and reviews, some Xia & He journals also publish negative results, such as Exploratory Research and Hypothesis in Medicine (ERHM). ERHM publishes original articles with non-confirmatory or negative data that are generated from appropriate methods and materials, and which refute a proposed hypothesis or challenge a currently accepted hypothesis. Systematic review and meta-analyses reporting non-confirmatory or negative findings are also acceptable. 


Promotion on Social Media

Notifications of published articles are posted on the Journal’s social media websites, such as Twitter and LinkedIn to expose the article to more readers.


Figure Editing

Xia & He Publishing has a professional team for editing figures. This team can refine figures when necessary, without changing the intended meaning.


Language Editing

Xia & He Publishing has a professional language editing team. When an article is accepted by Xia & He journals, it is copyedited by our language editing team to polish the language, to help readers better understand the article content.


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